The Comets of God

By Dr. Jeffrey Goodman

A provocative book providing scientific evidence for the existence of God and God's message to mankind about the future.

The Comets of God examines the Bible’s scriptures in light of the advancements in archeology, history, linguistics, geology and astronomy that open the door to understanding and appreciating the amazing scientific information in the Bible.

There is now significant scientific evidence that helps to establish the reality of the catastrophic events recorded or prophesied in the Bible. For example, learn about:

  • "Noah’s Flood" and the Burckle Impact Crater
  • The "Tower of Babel" and the Amarah Impact Crater
  • Revelation's prophecy of the world's cities falling and mountains melting in light of what a comet penetrating the earth's crust can do.

As Time magazine said of Dr. Goodman’s past work, what he has to say will be much discussed and argued about, but few will be able to dismiss it.


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